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Kingsway School Uniform Information

Why we wear a school uniform
We believe that our school uniform looks very smart and creates a sense of shared identity and a pride in our school.


  1. To create a sense of community
  2. To promote safety by making pupils instantly recognisable when out of school
  3. To promote health and safety by wearing suitable clothes for their activities


Parents are asked to support us by sending their child to school in full uniform.

This consists of:

Black school shoes. No brightly coloured trainers for everyday wear.
Grey trousers or Grey skirt/pinafore
Yellow or navy blue polo shirt (with or without logo)
Kingfisher blue sweatshirt / cardigan (with or without logo)
Grey tights, white, black or grey socks

In warmer weather grey tailored shorts or yellow gingham dresses may be worn


Other items

Book bags are available from the school office and we prefer children to use these rather than using a backpack as a bookbag as we do not have the space in the classroom to store backpacks and it is much easier to change books regularly when we do not have to search through backpacks.

P.E. bags are available from the school office.

Water bottles are also available from the school office and spare lids can also be purchased.


PE Kit

White plain T-shirt
Black shorts

Black plimsolls - inside PE sessions
Appropriate training shoes for outdoor games sessions
(For colder weather and outdoor games the children may also wear a black jumper and black joggers or leggings)



No jewellery other than stud earrings and a small watch, with no photo or internet capability, may be worn in school may be worn at any time.

For safety, earrings must be removed for PE sessions or taped over if they can not be taken out. Please provide your child with tape / plasters. For swimming no earrings may be worn.

We also ask that children do not wear nail varnish or false nails for school and children should not wear make up.

Any headbands / bobbles are a sensible size and appropriate for school.

Lost Items

Please label all clothing with your child’s full name. At the end of each term we display any lost property and this greatly assists this process. We cannot guarantee to keep any items from lost property into the next term but you are always very welcome to check through the lost property container at any time.


Children not wearing uniform

The expectation is that all children will wear the full uniform – both the main uniform and the PE uniform, and adhere to the code on wearing jewellery. However if the child is unable to wear uniform due to exceptional circumstances parents should contact the class-teacher to let them know in the first instance. If you are having difficulties providing your child with school uniform please discuss this with us and we may be able to assist you.