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Our School


Kingsway Curriculum

In designing our current Kingsway Curriculum our focus is on what Kingsway children need to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities which will support them through the rest of their lives. This will always be our priority.


Curriculum Implementation

At Kingsway we have reference the EEF research in developing our pedagogical approach in order to meet the learning needs of our children. Supporting them in developing and retaining knowledge in each curriculum subject.

  • Start from a learner’s existing understanding.  (revisit, recap and context)
  • Involve the learner actively in the learning process.  (involve, collaborate and explore)
  • Emphasis the social aspects of learning as these make a unique contribution to learning.  (Contribute and share) 
  • Develop the learner’s overview, (have a view of purpose, have an understanding of the criteria of quality of achievement, and self-assess.) (Purpose and achievement)

Curriculum organisation and timetabling enables learners opportunities for constant recapping of knowledge and skills with opportunities to apply this through cross-curricular approaches.

When we approach lesson design, the focus is on how we will encourage the children to think, question and challenge.


Early Years

The children’s learning experiences are planned to enable them to develop and achieve in the early learning areas through play and investigative learning experiences. The EYFS curriculum is planned for the inside and outside classrooms and equal importance is given to learning in both areas. The curriculum is planned with a linked approach to enable all aspects of children’s development.