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Our School

Our Staff

Welcome to our school. Please see below for our staff, year groups and classes.

Teaching Team

Staff Member Role
Mrs S Bradbury Headteacher
Mr J Wilson Deputy Headteacher / Year 6 Teacher - Owls Class   
(Miss Long - Wednesdays)
Mrs L Hughes Year 6 Teacher - Eagles Class 
Miss M Carmicheal Year 5 Teacher - Hawks Class
Mr L Dudley Year 5 Teacher/SENDCo - Falcons Class
(Mrs Sansome - Wednesdays)
Mr Scarbro Year 4 Teachers - Wrens Class
Mr B Frost Year 4 Teacher - Robins Class
Mrs J Adams Year 3 Teacher / Student and ECT mentor / Key Stage 2 Phase Lead - Nightingales Class
Mrs H Blockley Year 3 Teacher - Bramblings Class
Mrs N Dallison Year 2 Teacher / KS1 Phase Lead - Bees Class
Miss J Liley Year 2 Teacher - Grasshoppers Class
Miss N Limb Assistant Head/ Year 1 Teacher - Dragonflies Class  
(Monday - Wednesday)
Mrs Z. Turner Year 1 Teacher - Dragonflies Class
(Thursday - Friday)
Miss V Gammon Year 1 Teacher - Ladybirds Class 
Mrs G Spencer EYFS Lead / Foundation Stage 2 Teacher 

Teaching Support team

Staff Member Role
Mrs A Beardsley Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Bradshaw Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Buttery Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Corah Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Watson Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Daws Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Redman Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Scothern Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Roe Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Warman Teaching Assistant
Miss D Ashmore Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Baker Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Lane Teaching Assistant
Miss A Parnell Teaching Assistant


Office Team

Staff Member Role
Mrs S Bingham Office Manager
Mrs L Barker Office Administrator
Mrs E Baker Office Support


Midday Team

Staff Member Role
Mrs S Evans Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Toon Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Stacey Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Buttery Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Bacon Midday Supervisor
Mrs E Baker Midday Supervisor
Mrs Giles-Davidson Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Hoggard Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Broadley Midday Supervisor
Miss K Ceney Midday Supervisor
Miss J Mawdsley Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Jones Playleader
Mrs V Bradshaw Midday Support


Half Moon Team

Staff Member Role
Mrs K Giles-Davidson Playleader
Mrs M Hoggard Playleader
Mrs C Stacey Playleader
Mrs T Broadley Playleader
Miss A Parnell Playleader


School Site & Cleaning Team

Staff Member Role
Mr S Hardwick Site Manager
Mr K Green Domestic Technician
Mrs A Wilson Domestic Technician
Miss C Meynell Domestic Technician
Mrs D Hardy Domestic Technician
Mrs B Jackson Domestic Technician